Daniel & Janna Ross

First Love International


We serve with First Love Int’l in Ukraine where we work to provide Christ-centered homes for young people coming out of state-run orphanages.

Our team got to know Sabina through the camps that we put on three times a year for kids in the Kaniv orphanage.  She was open to Jesus, but during her last years of school, Sabina started acting out and lost her faith in God.  She had declared herself an atheist, but found herself in the hospital with some serious health problems, and didn’t know if she would live or die. During those dark moments, she remembered some things we said at camp and reached out to Jesus once again.  After graduating from the orphanage, she came to live in Safe Haven Transition Home.  House parents Bogdon and Anya made a big impact on her, and she continued to grew in her faith.    Now, Sabina is married and living outside of the home, but Safe Haven means so much to her that she spends a big chunk of her time there helping with everything from cooking to tutoring the younger kids in the home.  Everyone has seen such a huge change in Sabina and she hopes that one day, she and her husband will be able to serve others full time.   We love getting to watch these young people transform, and are so grateful to the many supporters who make it possible.

The pandemic this past year has brought about a lot of restructuring within the state-run orphanages in Ukraine.  These changes have been good and bad.  Please pray that we have the wisdom to know best how to navigate the changes and won’t miss the kids in the most need who would be most likely to slip through the cracks.”