Sean and Angie attended FBC while students at FLC. After graduating, God burdened them for unreached Muslims and they moved to the field in 1999. Sean leads a business project that employs locals who are called to share their faith with remote villagers while helping them grow seafood products. Sean and Angie currently live in Chattanooga, TN, while their young adult children move into the next stage of life.

Prayer requests:

  • For smooth travels and effective interaction with the team as he visits for the 1st time since the pandemic.
  • For Angie and the kids while Sean is traveling.
  • For God to protect relationships between the project staff: for real healing, grace and restoration in a current employee situation.
  • For new village partners starting to work with the project in May and June.
  • For God’s provision of an increase in production this year to bring the business closer to profitability.

Sean McKelvey, +1 719 465 7763