Willie & Lena Tsosie

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Black Mesa, Arizona

Willie & Lena grew up on the Navajo Reservation.  They both accepted Christ during their high school years and then went on to Bible College.  There ministry focus has been planting and pastoring churches on the reservation.  Currently, they are pastoring Mesa View Baptist Church in Black Mesa, Arizona.

Willie says they have been coping well with the pandemic.  They continue to have some services as their congregation has been spared from the virus.  In the near future they hope to baptize a number of new believers.  A special young man, Erral is eager to grow his relationship with the Lord and is faithfully serving at the church.   Erral He has also been bringing his family to church for their spiritual conditioning, to be saved or grow in the Lord.


Prayer Requests:

  • A return of full activities at the church.
  • Continued protection for the congregation from the virus.
  • Completion of the addition to the church building.
  • Movement of the Holy Spirit among the Navajo people to overcome the darkness of the native religious practices.