Shelly and I have been on staff with Master Plan Ministries over 10 years now.  It has been an amazing time watching students go on to reach and influence the world for Christ.  We are serving at Colorado Mesa University located in Grand Junction Colorado.  We have been blessed to see evangelism happen weekly these last two years, multiple Bible studies per semester, over 50 folks in one-on-one discipleship and 10 in a servant-leader capacity learning to die to themselves to reach the next generation.

Some personal Joys for me this semester: Joel committed his life to Christ in November due to caring student co-workers and has been a joy to meet with as he was raised Mormon and has seen the difference of grace.  Kailea, who came from a church background, but put her trust in Christ as a freshmen shared with me how very helpful our co-ed study in 1st Samuel been for her to see the relevance of the Old Testament.  Lastly, in a very special place in my heart has been Isaac, who just graduated.  He has quietly been a stable force serving and growing and is looking to invest in youth and possibly become a Boy Scout leader in the future.  It has been so encouraging to see examples of the Lord’s faithfulness and their confidence grow in Him.  Thank you so much for your support for Shelly, Addie, Lily, RJ and I!

Some prayers for this year:

  • We have students in both summer projects! Pray for growth and depth of trust in the Lord!
  • Willingness to be known.  That students at CMU would be willing to keep talking about spiritual things with us and hear the Gospel!
  • 23 in 2023!  We would love to see that many become new creations!
  • Emily Alsdorf (new intern!) to be fully raised up to start on campus in the fall.
  • for Shelly and I to raise our Children well in the midst of a ministry schedule.