Pastor Jimmy Thoma teaches on 1st Timothy 6:3-16, the second to last installment in the Timothy series.
Drew Crowell teaches on the betrayal of Jesus in this installment of the Mark series.
Pastor Jimmy Thoma begins 1st Timothy chapter 5 with teaching on the importance of instruction.
Drew Crowell continues teaching through the book of Mark as he dives deeper into chapter 14.
Associate Pastor Alan Hensley teaches through1st Timothy 4:11-16 on letting the Gospel work.
Women's Ministry Leader, Allison Claassen, teaches the large group women's Bible study on Zechariah during this second installment for the spring semester of 2023.
Drew Crowell teaches through Mark 14:3-9 and speaks about when Mary anoints Jesus.
Pastor Jimmy Thoma brings a message of godly living from 1st Timothy 4:1-11.
During this Sermon, Pastor Jimmy Thoma teaches on God's goodness and false belief in the church.
Drew Crowell brings teaching on Mark 14:1-2 regarding the plot to kill Jesus.
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