We have seen and heard so many stories of people giving and loving sacrificially during this brutal war. Even though there is so much suffering, Ukrainians are bonding together and making sure that no one has to go through this suffering alone. We, along with our partners, get to be a part of this. We plan to stand with Ukrainians until the end, and be there to help rebuild. We have already been able to help people out with rebuilding. So many Ukrainians have been so grateful for the ways that we have been able to help meet needs, and have specifically said that when we help, it is a powerful example of how they are still seen when they are going through their hardest times. There is no more powerful reminder that God hasn’t forgotten you, than when his people are able to tangibly show that. We simply get to help people, show them that they aren’t forgotten, and tell them that God hasn’t forgotten them either. Right now, our Ukrainian partners are the ones doing the real work, and sharing the hope of Christ. We are just getting them funds and supplies and trying to be an encouragement.
Daniel, Janna, and Oliver Ross
First Love International