The ministry of Cross Bar X is more than just a ministry to disadvantaged kids.  Throughout the years it has been exciting to see how God has worked in the lives of our staff.  It was a number of years ago that Jonathan Helvoigt, Christina, and Tanner came to counsel at Cross Bar X.  While counseling at Cross Bar X Jonathan made a decision that someday he would go into full-time mission work.  Christina and Tanner later got married and moved to Kansas to do social work.  The three of them kept in contact.  Recently God put on Jonathan’s heart to start a church in Denver Colorado.   He asked Christina and Tanner if they would help plant a church in Denver and they agreed to move out and help him.

                 We use to get inner-city children from Denver through churches in lower-income neighborhoods, but those churches have changed or moved through gentrification.  There is a possibility that Jonathan may plant a church in an area that has a high number of homeless people and near the new ‘inner-city’.  We were really excited to hear of his passion to plant a church and that God had put this on his heart while he was at Cross Bar X.

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