New Creation Ministries (NCM) was founded in 1992 by seven Rwandan leaders and an American missionary (Gary Scheer). After the genocide in 1994, the need for Christian leadership training became acute.

Since its founding, NCM has provided training to Rwandans who are doing ministry in their churches, workplaces and homes. Our aim isn’t just to provide our students with knowledge or skills. We want them to be transformed by what they’re learning – to become true disciples of Jesus.

Approximately 70% of Rwandans live in rural areas, without access to theological training in their own language. The Ministy Leader Training exists to meet that need. Over the course of two years, church leaders take courses in Biblical theology and gain skills that they can immediately apply in their ministry contexts. We also provide personalized mentoring and discipleship by visiting students in their homes and observing them in their ministries.

As Rwanda develops, there is a growing desire and need for quality higher education taught from a Christian perspective. We are working to launch the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda (CLIR) as an accredited university with bachelor and masters level programs. We have an amazing opportunity to impact Rwandan society by discipling its future theologians, educators, business leaders and community developers.

Rwanda continues to be a largely agrarian society, with many people growing all their own food. As the population of Rwanda increases, land is becoming scarce, food costs are rising, and food shortages are common. Many Rwandans eat only one meal a day. The Agricultural Demonstration program seeks to introduce Rwandans to new ways of growing food and stewarding their land. By connecting Biblical values with improved farming techniques, we seek to address the spiritual and practical needs of our students, their families, and their communities.

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