Tom & Mary Ellen Newman – Mary Ellen is out of the hospital. Pray for the healing process and that there would not be any complications.
Josh & Kelly Newman – Lydia is home and continuing the healing process; pray for comfort, peace, and healing.
Malcolm & Leah Hilleweart – Leah is home continuing her healing after surgery. Please pray they were able to get all of the cancer, her complete healing, and for any future treatments.
Dan & Catherine Gustavson – Dan is healing and starting to get around on his own. Pray for regained strength and his complete healing.

Prayer Requests:

Andy & Linda Janowsky – Andy has COVID and is in the ICU in Alamosa. Please pray for peace of mind for Linda and that Andy would recover quickly. Also, Andy’s dad was also admitted to the hospital for COVID (here in Durango), so be praying for him as well.
Josh & Rachael Cross – Zachary Nichols, a soldier under Josh is missing after a car accident. Pray for safety and that they would find him soon.
Jordan & Charlotte Dimick – Richard Gillham, a close family friend, is fighting COVID, having been on a ventilator in Greeley since January 14th and his famiy hasn’t been able to visit.
Night To Shine – A good turnout from our church and community to honor our friends with special needs at the virtual ‘Red Carpet’ on February 12th.
Women’s Ministry – Spring Bible study small groups that begin in February, that hearts would be prepared for the study and that many would participate.
Sue Tallarico  – Pray for Sue’s results from a bone marrow biopsy last week. Please pray for Sue to find her strength and peace from the Lord.
Stan & Kristen Chen –  Stan’s stepdad passed away.  Please pray for the Lord to comfort his mom as she mourns the loss and lays him to rest.