Numbers 11: Part 3

April 28, 2024
Drew Crowell teaches Part 3 from his Numbers 11 series.
In this sermon Pastor Alan Hensley discusses the role of Children & Parents and Servants & Masters in the First Century Household. How are Christians called to interact with one…

Numbers 11:4-6

April 21, 2024
Drew Crowell continues his series and teaches through Numbers 11:4-6.
Welcome to this powerful Sunday sermon delivered by Pastor Jimmy Thoma, where we delve into the profound teachings of Ephesians 5:21-33. In this message, Pastor Jimmy unpacks the biblical concept…

Numbers 11:1-3

April 14, 2024
Listen in on Drew Crowell's teaching on Numbers 11:1-3 from Sunday School!
Allison Claassen finishes up the Spring Semester of Women's Bible Study in the Book of John and speaks to how Jesus reveals the Glory of God.
Welcome to First Baptist Church of Durango! In this Sunday sermon, Pastor Jimmy Thoma delves into the crucial topics of alcohol and substance use, offering biblical insights and practical wisdom…
In this sermon Pastor Jimmy speaks to the Significance of the Resurrection and why it matters for us today.

Exodus 32 Part 3

April 1, 2024
Drew Crowell continues his Exodus series with a third installment on Exodus 32.
In this sermon, Pastor Alan Hensley delves into Colossians 1:15-20, reminding us of Jesus Christ's supremacy as the ultimate King, reigning over all creation. Through this scripture, he reflects on…

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