The Book of Psalms is a beautiful collection of 150 songs, poems, and journal entries written by over 40 different authors and grouped into 5 Books. The primary genre of the Psalms is poetry. This poetry is not always full of typical rhyming schemes and melodic patterns, but rather thought-provoking images, ancient metaphors, and Hebrew wordplay. Each author is unique in their style, yet divinely inspired in their writing. Although the authors are many and the content is varied, the Psalms offer a deep dive into the psyche of faithful believers as they wrestle with their faith, trust, and hope in God in a tumultuous and chaotic world. It is in the Psalms where we find the most genuine of human emotions and the most honest descriptions of struggle. It is in the Psalms where we see clearly what it means to hold tightly to our faith when the world around us attempts to pull us away. And this Summer, it is in the Psalms that we dive deep to see the fullness of our faithful God and the loving ways in which he deals with us.